A branch of the Diving Centre is located in the Resnik Hotel, one kilometre from Split Airport and two kilometres from the headquarters in Kaštel Stari.



Diving in Croatia

 ...as a form of active holiday it began to develop particularly in the last 10-15 years, although diving clubs and diving courses date back to 1950. Nowadays there are more than 160 diving centres on the Croatian coast and islands, with different levels of services and offering diving courses within various international associations.

Croatia is a place for divers who are looking for active holidays in the Mediterranean, especially the central part of the Croatian coast. There are 1246 islands, islets and rocks in Croatia. The total length of the coastline (including islands) is 4058 km, while the total length of the mainland coastline is1777 km. The territorial sea waters cover 31067 square kilometres.

The scenery is beautiful, full of protected nature reserves and unexplored sea depths. Croatian underwater world is full of ship wrecks, coral reefs and caves with very rich flora and fauna. With several national parks and nature parks and rich cultural and historical heritage, Croatia is ranked among the most important tourist destinations, and the Croatian underwater world is becoming increasingly popular among divers around the world.

Along the coastline there are thousands of small islands that haven’t yet been thoroughly explored, therefore the trips here often include an element of research. On daily trips, you can see all the riches of the central Adriatic and admire the wealth of sea life.

In Croatia, the sea is never far away. The Adriatic has been formed through the centuries to become crystal blue that we know today. Croatia has a beautiful coastline, a wide selection of hotels, bars and restaurants with excellent Dalmatian cuisine - more than enough to fill the hours between dives, and you can try one of the adrenaline sports such as rafting, rock climbing, canyoning...

The diving season runs from mid April up to November. Do not hesitate to dive in September and October, the water is still warm, visibility is excellent and the there is less crowd.

Summer sea temperatures range from 22° C to 25° C on the surface and about 18-20° C in the depths of 15m and more. In summer most divers dive quite comfortably in wet diving suits. In winter the surface temperature is around 11-12° C so thicker wet suits and dry suits are more suitable.

In Croatian territorial waters there are small differences between high and low tide. The wave heights are around 0.5-1.5 m but with strong winds and in storms can reach a height up to 5 m. The currents are stronger in straits and narrow channels and in the open sea.

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