Secure credit card payments
The confidentiallity of your information is protected and maintained through the use of SSL encryption. On-line payment sites are secured/protected through the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with a 128-byte data encryption. SSL encryption is an operation of information encrypting with the purpose of protecting it from unauthorized access while being transmitted and processed.he use f their personally identifiable information

This procedure enables secure data transmission and disables unauthorized access during the communication between the user's PC and WebPay service, and vice-versa.

The WebPay service and financial institutions (Credit card companies) exchange information through the use of virtual private network (VPN) which is protected from unauthorized access.

Credit card numbers are not being stored and they are not made available to unauthorized persons.

Statement of Personal Data Protection and Collection
We are concerned with the protection of our customers' personally identifiable information. We collect only basic, necessary information about our buyers / customers which are indispensibly used for the applicable purpose; we inform our customers about the ways of using the collected data, and we give them freedom of choice on regular basis regarding the use of such data. We also show respect for their decision to agree or disagree with being listed for the purposes of marketing campaigns.

All our users' personally identifiable data are being protected in a controlled, secure environment and are available only to the employees to whom they are indispensable for the operation of the service. All our employees and business partners are responsable for handling your personal information in compliance with this Privacy Policy and applicable laws.